Logo hierarchy is how the SF State brand is structured within the organization. It is how the University’s various entities relate to and support each other. These entities include the campuses, colleges, schools, departments, programs, offices and centers. A good logo hierarchy addresses how sub-brands reflect and reinforce the core purpose of the master brand.

Master Brand

SF State official logo


Brand Extensions

Brand extensions are core entities that directly support and further the mission, vision and positioning of SF State. They are directly and consistently tied to the master brand logo to reinforce and elevate the University’s strength.

SF State logo brand extensions

Primary Sub-Brand

These entities support and reinforce the University’s mission and vision, relying on the master brand to enhance their individual reputations. They are directly tied to one or more brands extensions, but their reputations may be more closely aligned with the master brand than any brand extension.

SF State logo primary sub-branding

Secondary Sub-Brand

Each of these entities connects directly to a primary sub-brand and expands on the offer of that primary sub-brand.

SF State logo secondary sub-branding

Sub-brands – Do’s and Dont’s



faded sfsu logo

Do not change the colors

sfsu logo with seal portion cut out

Do not crop

streched sfsu logo

Do not stretch or distort

isolated seal portion of sfsu logo

Do not separate the graphic from the wordmark and use as a freestanding graphic

sfsu logo with drop shadow

Do not add a drop shadow or other effects

sfsu logo tilted

Do not tilt

sfsu logo with blue background and white outline

Do not outline or place on a background of similar color or hue

sfsu logo with added white underline

Do not add or other text or graphic elements to the logo

Affiliated Entities

These entities advance the mission and vision of the University, but have their own reach and presence, reaching targeted audiences and working toward a specific mission. They may be recognized as individual brands, but benefit from a connection to the University’s master brand.

Affiliated Entities logo examples

These are student organizations, clubs, initiatives or events that enhance the University experience. They are formally or informally affiliated with the University and often have their own marks or identities. The University’s registered marks and logos cannot be used in part or whole and the connection to SF State should be indicated by using the phrase “at San Francisco State University.”

Africana Student Association Brand

Endorsed Entities

These external entities have a strong reputation through a recognizable, individual identity as a standalone brand. While their mission and goals are separate from the University, they remain strongly connected and align with the culture of the master brand. The benefit to both entities is equitable.

Endorsed Entities logo samples

Contact for Sub-branding

Email us at if you need access to your unit’s sub-branded graphical element.