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Directing the University's comprehensive strategic communications and marketing initiatives, Strategic Marketing and Communications oversees internal and external messaging to advance the institution's goals, mission and brand in the following areas.

  • Editorial Content & Storytelling
  • Media Relations
  • Digital Marketing & Web Communications 
  • Visual Communications & Design
  • Executive Communications 
  • Enrollment Marketing 
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Editorial Content & Storytelling


San Francisco State University (SF State) excels in editorial content and storytelling, showcasing a commitment to engaging and informative narratives. The University's editorial team demonstrates a keen understanding of its diverse community, weaving compelling stories highlighting academic achievements, student experiences and faculty accomplishments. SF State effectively communicates its values through various platforms, fostering community and pride among students, staff and alumni.


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Media Relations


SF State's media relations strategy is characterized by proactive and strategic engagement with various media outlets. The University maintains strong relationships with journalists, providing timely and accurate information about events, research and achievements within the institution. By effectively managing its media presence, SF State ensures its key messages reach a broad audience, contributing to a positive and influential public image.


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Digital Marketing & Web Communications


In digital marketing and web communications, SF State leverages cutting-edge strategies to enhance its online presence. The University employs a user-centric approach, utilizing innovative digital marketing techniques to reach prospective students and engage with the broader online community. SF State's website serves as a dynamic hub for information, featuring intuitive design and user-friendly interfaces that reflect the institution's commitment to accessibility and innovation.


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Visual Communication and Design


SF State places a premium on visual communication and design, utilizing visually compelling elements to convey its brand identity. From vibrant campus imagery to thoughtfully designed marketing materials, the University employs a cohesive visual language that resonates with its diverse audience, enhancing the overall user experience and reinforcing SF State's dedication to creativity and visual storytelling.


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Executive Communications


SF State's executive communications strategy is marked by transparent and authentic communication from its leadership. The University's executives engage with various stakeholders through effective communication channels, conveying the institution’s vision, values and strategic goals. This approach fosters trust and alignment among the SF State community, ensuring a shared understanding of the University's direction and priorities.


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Enrollment Marketing


In enrollment marketing, SF State employs targeted and data-driven strategies to attract a diverse and qualified student body. The University leverages its unique academic programs, campus culture and success stories to create compelling narratives that resonate with prospective students. By tailoring its marketing efforts to address the needs and aspirations of different student segments, SF State successfully attracts and enrolls a vibrant and talented student community.


Staying informed and involved

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