Color System

Colors in this palette are recommendations for use in San Francisco State University publications, promotional materials and web pages. Consistent use of these colors will contribute to a cohesive and unified look. The chart lists the Pantone ink with the equivalent 4-color and electronic conversions.

The primary color palette is extended by using the secondary color palette. These were designed to allow individual departments to choose a variety of colors while maintaining a uniform palette across the SF State campus. The primary colors should be used whenever possible and should always be the dominant scheme to the secondary palette. 

Primary Color Palette

color swatch

Pantone 2755C

Print: C97  M100  Y0  K30

HTML: #231161


Color swatch

Pantone 2755C 85% TINT

Print: C82  M85  Y K26

HTML: #463077


color swatch

Pantone 117C

Print: C6  M27  Y100  K12

HTML: #C99700


Color Swatch of Pantone 117C

Pantone 117C 60% TINT

Print: C4  M16  Y60  K7

HTML: #E9D597


Secondary Color Palette

color swatch

Pantone 647

Print: C100  M56  Y0  K23

HTML: #26547C


color swatch

Pantone 5545

Print: C62  M19  Y45  K50

HTML: #38635A


Color Swatch

Pantone 4485

Print: C0  M26  Y100  K77

HTML: #604C11


color swatch

Pantone 5757

Print: C27  M0  Y95  K55

HTML: #6B702B


color swatch

Pantone 174

Print: C0  M70  Y100  K36

HTML: #933311


Color Swatch

Pantone Cool Gray 11

Print: C44 M34 Y22 K77

HTML: #53565a