Digital Displays

SF State’s digital signage system comprises of 12 displays in key locations across campus. Digital signage submitted to Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC) for display on campus screens must first be approved based on a set of technical and content-based guidelines developed to ensure signage best represent SF State while maintaining consistency, readability and simplicity. Submitted signs could be an advertisement, announcement or PSA. If it is relevant and useful to campus and students, then it could be digital signage.  


SF State map of digital displays


  • Content slides must be in the 16:9 aspect ratio and landscape orientation.

  • Content slides must have dimensions of 1920x1080 at 72dpi. (or 4K UHD dimensions of 3840x2160)

  • Content must be 25 words or less to maintain readability. Think of who, what, where and when only.

  • Static slides must be submitted in either JPG or PNG file format.

  • Videos must be submitted as zipped files in gif, mov, mp4 or m4v formats.

  • Content slides with a QR code must also list the URL for accessibility purposes.

  • Only University-sponsored events or advertisements will be shared and posted.

  • Slides should follow good design principles (easy to read, sufficient contrast, not too busy, etc.).

  • Content slides or videos should be submitted a minimum of one week before any event date or deadline to ensure time for approval and possible revision.

  • Each slide request must have a specific date it is to be posted and removed. Be sure to designate this in your request. Content will run for a maximum of two weeks, unless otherwise approved for a longer period. Include the removal date in the title so content managers can quickly identify signage that has expired. For example: gatorfest_02.28.23, gregory_lecture_03.20.23. If you’d like to promote your event for a longer period, please note that in your initial Project Request Form to obtain extended approval.

  • Signage must adhere to SF State’s Editorial Style Guidelines.

  • All signs are subject to approval and redesign by SMC staff based on these standards and general graphic design best practices. 

Template Examples

grayscale William Shakespeare with purple and white boxes

Three Section Digital Display 

student reading paper with concerned friend in dorm with purple gradient

Purple Gradient Digital Display 

Submit Request

If you have information to share on the digital displays, please fill out a project request form.