Additional Logomarks

Gator Spirit Marks

The mascot for San Francisco State University is the Golden Gator, graphically represented by Golden Gator marks unique from the official athletics-only use Golden Gator marks (pg. #). You must obtain permission from Strategic Marketing and Communications to use these marks and its use is limited to spirit communications such as alumni materials, school spirit activities and events and recruiting events. The spirit marks should not be cropped or modified in any way or superimposed with any other graphics or text. Email us at

SF State gator spirit marks

Athletic Marks

The athletics teams’ mascot is the Golden Gator and the following marks are used exclusively by the athletics department without exception. These marks should not be confused with the Golden Gator spirit marks which can be used for spirit and recruitment communications.

SF State athletic marks

Sport Club Spirit Mark

The Sport Club mark is exclusively for use by SF State sanctioned sports clubs and no other University unit or student organization is permitted to use this mark. It cannot be modified in any way and appears in one color, either black or SF State purple (Pantone 2755) which distinguishes it from the full-color Gator spirit mark. 

SF State sport club spirit marks

Marks – Do’s and Don’ts

It is important for brands success that all of the SF State marks are used correctly including the positioning and size of all elements. The following are few examples of misused and unacceptable modifications of the marks, it is not exhaustive. If you have any questions regarding what can be done within the parameters of the visual identity system, please contact Strategic Marketing and Communications.


athletic marks dos and donts for graphical elements

The Shield

This graphic element can be used as a profile image on University social media sites, however, no other graphic or text can be superimposed onto the shield. This graphic element does not replace the primary logomark or any of the sub-brand marks and should not be used in print materials unless approved by Strategic Marketing and Communications.

SF State shield

Size Requirements

There are no minimum size requirements, however, the size of the shield should be based on the specifications of the specific social media platform. 

Official University Seal

The official seal, not to be confused with the logo symbol graphic element, includes the formal University name and motto, Experientia Docet (Experience Teaches) in Latin. It is limited to official University documents and Commencement-related items.

SF State seal


  • Use the seal on official University documents such as contracts and deeds
  • Use the seal on Commencement-related items such as academic diplomas and program certificates as well as convocation and diploma covers
  • Prior approval must be obtained from Strategic Marketing and Communications to use the seal


  • Use the seal with any other graphic element or additional text
  • Modify the seal in any way, use it as a watermark or superimpose anything on it

Contact for Logomarks

Email us at if you would like permission to use a graphical element.