Branded Merchandise

Maintaining the integrity of San Francisco State University’s name, logos and other marks is critical to protecting its brand and reputation. The Strategic Communications and Marketing (SMC) team manages the approval process for all University-branded merchandise and apparel sold as retail at the campus bookstore, other outlets, online or as free promotional items.

The approval process is a partnership with San Francisco State’s licensing agent, Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC | Learfield IMG College), to protect University’s name, brand, logo, athletic marks, mascot and other items from copyright infringement. The licensing program also helps to ensure that the University maintains consistent branding and that all items produced with the University name and mark meet the appropriate standards. 

Becoming a Licensed Vendor for Commercial and Retail Products

Vendors that sell SF State branded materials at the on-campus bookstore, retail and online stores and other channels must register with CLC. By registering with our licensing partner, vendors can also help produce and sell items through many other CSU campuses.

Any vendor selling items must be licensed and registered with CLC. In certain circumstances, non-licensed vendors may produce campus giveaway items, determined on a case-by-case basis by Strategic Marketing and Communications. All items require SMC approval, fill out our project request form. Licensed vendors are preferred and produce the highest quality merchandise. 

Vendors may enroll in the program by contacting Allison Mintz, Manager, Partnership Services CLC/Learfield, at (909) 520-2355 or


On-Campus Merchandise and Giveaways (Swag) 

Items that colleges, schools, departments or other on-campus entities wish to produce also require approval. We encourage University staff, faculty and other partners and collaborators in our community to contact Strategic Marketing and Communications for guidance before ordering. Visit the CLC License Search website to view a comprehensive list of vendors and products.


Using the Logos, Sub-brands and Mark

SF State does not allow modification of its logos and marks in any way. All merchandise and apparel should be purple, gold or a neutral color, whether sold or given away. Information regarding the branded color system.

Examples of how NOT to use the marks

silver university logo on a wooden tumbler

Do not extract elements of the logo. The logomark’s graphic component (the shield) may be used in unique instances and only with prior approval of Strategic Marketing and Communications. Always use the full logomark and select items in purple, gold or neutral colors. 

rendering of a coffee mug with incorrect branding

Select products in purple, gold or neutral colors. Use the full logo whenever possible. The “San Francisco State University” name can only be pulled out from the rest of the logo in rare cases when the imprint size is too small.

Examples of how TO use the marks

a rendering of a purple pen with SF State branding

The item on the left, a purple fountain pen with SF State branding, properly reflects the University’s primary branded color. The imprint area for the item is too small to accommodate the entire logo, so only the wordmark portion can be used effectively. The “San Francisco State University” name remains intact. This example represents the rare circumstance when the logomark elements are separated.

rendering of a gray hooded sweater with SF State branding marks

The Golden Gator spirit marks are printed on a neutral color background/fabric in this hooded sweater, allowing the spirit mark to be rendered most effectively.

rendering of a baseball hat with SF State branding marks

The Golden Gator spirit marks are printed on a neutral color baseball hat, allowing the spirit mark to be rendered most effectively.